What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality (VR) is a technology that uses head-mounted headsets with displays to generate the realistic images, sounds, and other sensations to put users into an immersive virtual environment. VR allows us to create unbounded worlds that people can walk around and interact with using their hands, to feel as if they were transported to another place.

What is WebVR?

WebVR is a JavaScript API for creating immersive 3D, virtual reality experiences in browser. Or simply put, allows VR in the browser over the web. Note that WebVR, which provides data, should not be confused nor conflated with WebGL, which provides graphics and rendering.

Which browsers does Quadbo support?

Quadbo supports VR for any browser that implements the WebVR specification and flat 3D (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge and Internet Explorer 11). Mobile browsers that don’t have WebVR support through the WebVR polyfill.

What are the differences between headsets?

There are several consumer VR headsets with different features on the market. Important distinguishing features include whether they:

Have positional tracking (six degrees of freedom (6DoF)) or Only have rotational tracking (three degrees of freedom (3DoF)).
Have controllers or not, and whether those controllers have 6DoF or 3DoF. Generally, the number of degrees of freedom of the controllers matches that of the headset.
Are powered by a PC or by a mobile device or standalone.
Rotational tracking allows people to look around or rotate objects. All headsets provide rotational tracking.
Positional tracking allows people to move around, get closer to objects, reach forward. As the VR industry evolves, the minimum viable experience will trend towards having positionally-tracked
headsets with positionally-tracked controllers. Positional tracking is important to give people presence, to make them feel they are in a real environment.
With rotational-only tracking, people are constrained to looking around and wiggling the controller.

Which VR headsets does Quadbo support?

Why all models appear black when I using phone or tablet?

Phones and tablets with Adreno 300 series GPUs are notoriously problematic. If we set renderer precision to medium, models work normal, but these same models not work anymore with the new technology as they should. We want to support the latest technology, so real fix has to happen at the driver / device level. All models work normal on phones and tablets that don’t have Adreno 300 series GPUs.

Why is the gyroscope not working on iOS?

iOS 12.2 Safari applies new restrictions to the devicemotion API. Pages have to be served over https and the user has to enable the API manually. Enable the API manually on Settings > Safari > Motion > Orientation access.